Margie Asks, Why do People Have to Die? (Easy Reading)


Why Death? Why Pain?

It’s the most difficult question of all. This classic work reveals, in simple story form, what philosophers and theologians have struggled for centuries to explain.

When Mrs. Johnson dies, Margie is puzzled. Why would God let mothers die when their children need them? When Margie’s family goes to Grandpa’s house for summer vacation, They witness the death of a calf. Their carelessness caused the accident, but Grandpa paid the money that the calf’s owner demanded. Then Margie’s best friends’ father–a minister–is killed by a drunken driver.

Seeking answers, Margie turns to Aunt Trudy. She has an amazing story to tell. It’s the most important story of all time–the story that explains all other stories. Full of intrigue and drama, it concerns an ancient rebellion in heaven, and a great war between God and Satan. Aunt Trudy explains how sin started, and why God has chosen to allow evil to continue until He comes again.

All who seek to serve a loving God,
yet suffer pain and loss, will find answers to
their deepest questions in this book.

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