Luck, Coincidence or Providence?


“One man’s search for identity, but finding truth.
Derek faced challenges that could have derailed his life, but triumphed in the end.
A must read for any demographic!”
Shaney Bartley
Counsellor at Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Toronto
“Derek Morrison takes us on a very personal account of self-discovery, a journey toward a life of personal integrity born of a strong faith conviction. Luck, Coincidence or Providence shares an engaging story evoking memories of a not so distant past. I challenges the reader to weigh up whether life events are just happenstance or overseen by the benevolent influence of a guiding hand of love.”
Dr Les Ackie
Director for Family and Children’s Ministries, Seventh-day Adventist Headquarters, UK
“A first-generation black British man’s amazing spiritual journey of self-discovery and identity will have you intrigued as he takes us through an era and background of a racially divided and institutionally racist Britain, with a heart-warming tale of unconditional love and acceptance by his white foster family.”
Morris Wright
School friend
About the Author
Derek Morrison was born in 1964 in London, England. He is of Afro-Caribbean descent and was fostered into a loving, white, atheist family when he was nine months old. In Luck,Coincidence or Providence? he retraces his personal journey through through racism in the 1970s and ’80s; his embracement of roots-rock-reggae; and his eventual acceptance of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith.

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