Living With God


The monthly themes of this volume Living With God;
January – Among Personalities of the Bible
February – Among Personalities of History March – Among People Who Have Touched Our Lives
April and May – With God’s Messages
June – With God’s Creation
July – In Places of the World
August – In Archaeological Discoveries
September – Every Day of Your Life
October – In Evangelism
November and December – In Travel
David and Gaya Currie have travelled extensively in many countries of the world in connection with their ministry. They have conducted evangelistic programs in small towns as well as some of the leading cities on three continents. They believe in God who guides His people and answers their prayers. Their love for God and His creation will be seen as you read this volume. David has been a church pastor/evangelist, a union evangelist, a conference and union president, and ministerial association secretary of two world divisions of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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