Living for God


Do you know what you long for?

Deep down inside, do you actually know what you most desire? As human beings, we often get confused about the things we crave. But whether we realize it or not, we deeply crave the joy of Christian virtue. Created in God’s image, we were designed to love like He does. This is the goal of virtuous living.

Living for God explores the beauty of simple biblical virtues, such as gratitude, courage, patience, humility, contentment, and more. It contains true stories and practical tips to help you apply these virtues to your life and relationships.

Jesus, the most virtuous person to ever live, invites you to accept His virtue and to follow His example of love. He longs to fulfil your deepest desire–your desire to love and be loved.

Extremely practical and endlessly interesting, Living for God should be read by every Christian believer. A truly outstanding book. John Bradshaw, speaker/director, It Is Written

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. . . Living for God enables us to reclaim the joy of virtue–the very essence of our Savior. Ann Hamel, psychologist, Missionary Care Team

I highly endorse Living for God. This excellent book can help us live the remarkable lives we are called to live as we look forward to the soon coming of Christ. Jack Blanco, author of The Clear Word and the devotional Words to Live By

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