Letters of John


Knowledge of Jesus Christ is so important, because eternal life is dependent on who Jesus is and whether or not we believe in him.
John the Beloved was the youngest of Christ’s disciples and the only one to die a natural death. He authored a unique Gospel and was the recipient of the vision of the book of Revelation. But too often overlooked are John’s three short letters. Many of our descriptions of Jesus are found there: the Word of Life, the Son of God, the True Light, the Christ, our Advocate, the Saviour, the true God, the Truth, and more. It is clear that John understood the nature of Christ.
His themes include living the Christian life, finding forgiveness, dealing with sin, rejecting antichrist(s), living in love, the role of the Ten Commandments in the Christian life, and confidence in our salvation through Jesus Christ.
This book by Ekkehardt Mueller will help you come to a correct understanding of Jesus and the gospel and to experience for your self an intimate walk with Him.

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