KJV Wide-Margin Personal Notes Edition Lavender Bible


God’s Word, Your Thoughts

Your Bible study will never be the same when you record your observations and insights on the actual pages of this Wide-Margin Personal Notes Edition of The Holy Bible. This beautiful Bible, featuring the complete text of the beloved King James Version, also includes lined, super-wide margins for you to record your reactions to God’s Word. At approximately 6½” x 9″, it’s big enough to read and write in, but compact enough to carry comfortably. This beautiful Bible makes a desirable gift—for others or even yourself!


  • Complete Text of Beloved King James Bible
  • In-Text Subject Headings
  • Words of Christ in Red
  • Book-by-book summaries
  • Lists of Key Stories, Characters, Verses
  • Ample Space to Record Your Own Insights.

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