Kids Picture Book Value Pack 1


Incredible value! Get three beautifully illustrated picture books for a great price!

Sam & the Apricot Tree

A beautifully written and illustrated read for children age 5-8.

A simple story that deals with children’s guilt, confession and forgiveness. The story avoids moralising and provides a guide for children as to the best course when things go wrong.

Saying thank You to God

A beautifully written and illustrated story on stewardship that will delight young children. It includes practical activities and suggestions that encourage children to want to say thank you to God. For children aged 3 to 7.

Your Angel

A beautifully written and illustrated read for children aged 5-8.

Teaching children about the presence and influence of a kindly God and attending angels is difficult for most parents, yet children need to understand that they are not alone in the universe. God speaks through providence, the still small voice, nature and events. Children need comfort and presence to overcome their fears.

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