Jesus, Name Above All Names (Daily Devotional)


Ellen White’s writings feature numerous encounters with Jesus. Around every corner and in every hidden place, glimpses of Jesus remind readers of her love for the Savior. In this devotional, you’ll meet the Jesus Ellen White knew intimately. Her voluminous descriptions of Christ represent an anthology unlike that of any other Christian writer—past or present.

Ellen White’s deepening love for her Redeemer can be seen through the amazing variety of names by which she referred to Jesus in her published writings—more than 840 in total. Space makes it impossible to feature them all, so 365 of the best are captured here. Each reading also features a reflection thought or question to help the reader apply that day’s message.

This devotional will introduce you to Jesus if you have yet to meet the One who gave His life for you. If you have already felt the loving touch of the Savior, we are certain that each day’s reading will enrich your walk with Him until the day when all call on Jesus—the name above all names.

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