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All the disciples knew their Bible, but they had not grasped that it was all about Jesus and God’s saving power revealed through Him—that all the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms reveal the good news of Jesus Christ. Once the disciples came to recognize this truth, Matthew takes it most seriously. He writes his Gospel with the premise that Jesus is the fulfilment of Jewish Scriptures. The Law, the Prophets and the Psalms contain prophecies about Jesus—prophecies in the form of promises about what Jesus would accomplish through His perfect life, perfect death and perfect resurrection. Journey with the author through the book of Matthew, and you will discover that all the Law, the Prophets and the Psalms are all about Him!


Sometimes love and suffering require extraordinary and unexpected measures. Because sin separated us from God, we all need to know, deep within that we are forgiven. The Gospel of Mark is a very encouraging book because it reminds us that, no matter what we are going through today, the final victory has already been attained by Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. And that, my friend is good news!


The news is in! The best good news ever – Jesus died for all. Luke uses the nouns “Savior” and “Salvation” more than any other Gospel writer. The human race was buried under sin, with no possibility of eternal survival.  Help could only come from above.  God designed a plan to rescue us and Jesus came to fulfill it!  But who could be saved? The strong, the learned, the religious? Luke’s Gospel is filled with joy and excitement, because salvation has been secured for all! Just like the shepherds on the hills of Bethlehem, you too can trade your fear for joy!


From creation to redemption, Jesus did it all!  From the beginning – with God, yet separate – was the Word.  John introduces Jesus immediately as God.  He reveals a new reality, something deeper than we normally view with our physical eyes: the reality of the Divine as revealed in Jesus – God became flesh. John wants us to see beyond Jesus’ humanity because when we see Him in this light, we will behold His glory and recognize the beauty of what He accomplished for us all.


In the book of Revelation, the last chapter in the story of Redemption, God has drawn back the veil on a beautiful masterpiece–one that exceeds all our expectations and surpasses our wildest imaginings. It is the portrait of His immeasurable love, a revelation of Christ as the victorious Lamb. Some chapters of human history and our daily lives get pretty scary. Perhaps you feel you can’t take it anymore, you are too disheartened to continue. But don’t give up yet. Come to the last book of the Bible, the final chapter in the story of salvation, and discover for yourself that Jesus wins! 

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