It Took a Miracle


Nineteen hundred years ago, Jesus Christ appeared on this planet as a man. Born among cattle, dying among thieves, “He was wounded for our trans gressions and bruised for our iniquities.” Though older than His mother in time and equal to His Father in eternity, He was, nevertheless, man’s sole hope of life in the sinless world to come.
To advertise this priceless gift is man’s highest privilege. To this high purpose, I was really called. I have known this to be the reason for my existence from early childhood. God calls human beings to the gospel ministry by three methods: Original Convictions, Association, and Direct Confrontations. And one knows that he is so ordered when the necessity of his doing so dominates the landscape of his mind to the exclusion of all else.
After sixty-two years of public ministry, I have seen God do so much with so little for so long, that I now believe He can do anything with nothing. That means me!
-E.E. Cleveland

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