Interpreting Scripture


Have you ever wondered why Christian scholars interpret Scripture in so many different ways? Did the Lord really harden Pharoah’s heart? What does “the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever” mean? And what is the sin against the Holy Spirit? These and more than one hundred other questions concerning the Bible and its teachings are answered in this volume.

The forty-nine authors who contributed to this volume are all highly qualified Seventh-day Adventist scholars who share the conviction that the Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative Word. Coming from many countries and cultures, they share a common commitment to Christ and His church. Although each article is signed, they have been reviewed and revised by the members of the Biblical Research Institute Committee, a group of about forty scholars and administrators from around the world. Hence, no part of this volume is the work of a single author. The individual chapters and the book, as a whole, profited from this cooperative approach.

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