In Tune With God


Worship and music have been intimately connected since biblical times. Yet music in worship has become a point of contention—a great chasm separating the young and the not-so-young, the conservative and the liberal, and, quite possibly, the members of the church you attend. Is there a solution to this ongoing battle? Are there really certain styles of music that are good and others that are bad? How are we to honour God with our diverse musical tastes and talents?

Lilianne Doukhan takes on this sensitive issue with a remarkable combination of finesse and refreshing candour. Building upon the foundation of what music is, and what it is not, she explores the experience and meaning of music, its history down through the centuries, the current challenges of music ministry, and the genuine role of music as a component of worship.

Dr. Doukhan’s analysis of the “musical experience” is a very practical guide for pastors, musicians, and laity in dealing with church worship music. The principles and lessons set forth in this book are sorely needed at this time.

—Richard Davidson, Ph.D.

Chair, Old Testament Department

Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University


The principle of balance comes back again and again and unifies this work: reverence with joy in worship, imminence and transcendence, head and heart, objective and subjective, past and present, emotional and rational, appropriate and inappropriate, and—one which is very effective—horizontal and vertical.

—Peter J. Cooper, DMA

Professor of Music

Southern Adventist University


Lilianne Doukhan’s desire to bring reconciliation between divided factions in the church with respect to the matter of music in general and, more specifically, music in worship, is a disarming feature of this book, and achieves the envied position of balance. Truly, this is a work in defense of music.

—Stevan D. Mirkovich

Pastor, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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