If you are Thirsty, you can be Spirit-Filled


If You Are Thirsty, You Can Be Spirit-Filled

Who is the Holy Spirit? How did Jesus relate to the Spirit? And what does this mean for us and our relationship with God?

The feeling of thirst tells us we are dehydrated—we need water to live. But just like we sometimes try to quench our thirst in ways that don’t truly refresh us, many people try to quench their spiritual thirst with things that can never really satisfy. We need living water. And that’s what Jesus offered.

Throughout Christian history and in the church today, the Holy Spirit is a topic littered with misconceptions, controversies and concerns. However, the Spirit is also the true Source of our conversion, transformation, growth and power for living and sharing our faith. Discover how you can be Spirit-filled—if you are thirsty.

If You Are Thirsty, You Can Be Spirit-filled also includes questions for group discussion or personal reflection, as well as an appendix that specifically discusses questions about speaking in tongues and last-generation holiness.

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