I Don’t See it That Way


On a scale from 1 to 10, how important are you?

What was the first number that came to mind? Seven? Four? Maybe nine? Be honest, you’re human, so you probably think and act as though you’re pretty important most of the time.

Now take a good look at yourself through God’s perspective:

You reside on the topside of this grand planet we call Earth, with nearly 7 billion other people. If that fact alone doesn’t make you feel insignificant, try this on for size: it would take 7 quadrillion (7,000,000,000,000,000) earths to fill the largest known star . . . in the Milky Way Galaxy. And, as you might have heard, there are lots of galaxies in the universe.

Feel invisible yet? Ah, but somehow God loves you as if you were the only person inhabiting all those galaxies. What a peculiar point of view!

Ken McFarland explores some curious, and sometimes unconventional, thoughts on God, life, the world around us, and the world to come. Not surprisingly, his conclusions don’t usually jive with the long-venerated thoughts and opinions you may have encountered (or even believed).

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