Hope in Helplessness


Sometimes life can throw you into the deep end, and as you flounder, you feel quite helpless with all hope lost at this stage and a better tomorrow being a far-fetched fantasy. Hope then, becomes that life-changer, and even better, a hope founded in a living source.

This book reveals how that hope can be found or revived through the unpacking of the story of Lazarus who was resurrected from the dead (John 11:1-46). This scripture reveals the great love of Jesus Christ for humans in the most inspiring way.

The lessons unpacked in this book reveal just how skewed the author’s perceptions of Jesus Christ had been and how that affected her communication with Him. They have put context into her prayers as they taught her how she should pray, and also gave her insight into how her prayers are received and processed.

Through this book, the author has begun to understand just how intimate Jesus Christ wishes our relationship with Him to be. This understanding has made her realise how hopeful life can be once one reaches that level of intimacy.

As you read you may find yourself identifying with some of the characters discussed, from Lazarus, his sisters, Jesus’ disciples, to the community as a whole. This identification is what may help you improve your relationship with Jesus Christ as you will get an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Together with many more Lessons drawn from this story, spending a few minutes of your time on each chapter and reflecting on it, can give you a life-changing experience. Such an experience will fill your days with spiritual growth and peace even in storms, as well as hope of a better future.

May God grant you hope through the knowledge of Him, for every seemingly hopeless situation the devil throws at you.

About the authoress:

Shauna Zion is a wife and mother of two who believes in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Having had many life experiences including depression, she believes that she is, because He has. Her existence is the product of His inspiring presence in her life and without Him, there is no her. She has a passion for sharing the love of God and the experiences that He has pulled her through. It is her hope that her experiences and ‘nuggets of wisdom’ can save someone else from unnecessary distraction and heartache.

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