Here I Come, Ready or Not


Embarrassment? Threat? Crying “Wolf”? Or certain Promise? How should thinking people in the twenty-first century view the promise of Christ’s “soon” return? Should we relax and stop jumping every time a natural disaster makes headlines, or should we strengthen our relation ship with Jesus in anticipation of His imminent return?
In the classic Here I Come, Ready or Not, beloved pastor and author Morris Venden affirms his faith in the promise of Christ’s return and shows troubled believers how to be ready for His coming. In classic Venden style, the author uses compelling illustrations to answer questions such as:
How do last-day events relate to righteousness by faith?
Does the truth of salvation through faith alone bring enough assurance and power to take us through the times ahead?
What can be learned about the time of trouble when viewed through “relationship” glasses?
This book will transform fear to faith, weariness to wonder, at the provision Christ has made for His followers to be ready to meet Him.
Morris Venden has pastored churches in California, Nebraska, and Texas and is a popular speaker on Christian college campuses all over the United States. He is also the associate speaker of the Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast. He has written a number of other books published by Pacific Press, including How Jesus Treated People, Parables of the Kingdom, and Your Friend, the Holy Spirit.

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