Help Lord I Blew It Again


How do you quit sinning when you’re
helpless to stop? Even worse, what if you don’t
really want to stop, even though you know it
will ultimately destroy you?

Author and speaker Mike Jones knows what it means to wrestle with God over sin. After working for his church, he left for 16 years following a divorce. In the process of returning, he has learned a few things:

  • White-knuckled victory is seldom successful and never permanent.
  • Even longtime believers need a new heart every day.
  • When a sinner calls for help, God answers immediately. Always.

In this updated and expanded edition of his best-selling classic, Help, Lord, I Blew it Again, Mike Jones reveals new truths he has discovered on how to overcome.

“When you’re being beaten up by temptation and feel depressed for having blown it again—look to Jesus. As you do, you’ll find the compulsion to sin fade, and as He changes you into a different person, He will become the great passion of your life.”

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