“I go to prepare a place for you,” Jesus promised. And what a place! God tells us we simply can’t imagine it all. “Eye hath not seen…,” remember? Still, it’s fun to try. And that’s what this unique book is all about-anticipating a heaven so real, so full of love and joy, that we can’t wait to go!
David Smith turns our focus from this troubled world to a place where pain, sickness, and death shatter in obsolescence. To a life without hate, disease, goodbyes, or limitations. To the endless possibilities of fascinating things to do and see. Best of all, he gives us a foretaste of what it will be like to live in the presence of Jesus-forever!
David B. Smith writes scripts for the daily Voice of Prophecy radiobroadcast. He is also the pastor of the Ojai Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church in California.

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