He Never Left Me Alone


This book may sound like fiction, as does death and grief. But all its stories are non-fictional. They take you from grief to the experience of the author’s emotions as he journeys through deep grief and beyond. The journey is not travelled alone: family, friends and strangers are part of it. You will feel pain, but also smile and laugh as you read. You may discover things you may not know about natural healing. Hopefully you will receive a blessing, spiritual and emotional healing. After reading the book, a friend said, “Before reading the book I did not believe in God. After reading, I am beginning to believe in God.”
“This book is such a blessing and can help millions of people.” – Dr. Harvey Henderson.
Ransom Khanye spent nearly two decades in academia. After being widowed he pursued a Master’s degree in Religion from Andrews University in Michigan USA. He also did a Holistic Nutrition diploma from the School of Natural Health Sciences in London, UK.
His passion is to help people deal with issues he has experienced and showing God carrying him through tribulations in life.

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