He Comes


The world is in turmoil. Deadly pandemics shake the global economy; nations threaten war with each other; and the moral fabric of society seems to be eaten away. Are the ancient prophecies finally being fulfilled? Might the chaos around us herald the Lord’s return?

With careful research and thoughtful reflection, Dr Reinder Bruinsma examines the many signs that Christians throughout the last two thousand years have taken to be evidence for Christ’s coming, and compares them with the clear witness of the Bible. In the process, he comes to a surprising conclusion about the timing of the last days, and finds that some of the overlooked signs of Jesus’ coming are actually being fulfilled before our very eyes . . .

When will Christ return to earth? Are we living in the last days? How will Christ appear to all the world at once? And what role does Israel have to play in last-day events? Most importantly – what does it all mean for how I live my life now, in joyful expectation of His coming?

Open this book to challenge yourself: are you ready for the return of Christ?

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