Haystacks Church


Haystacks are a fitting symbol of the diversity that exists in the Adventist Church.  We are all so different—we have assorted talents, perspectives, struggles, and triumphs.  And we mingle together in different combinations according to geographic location, preferences in worship style, and even age range.  So what does this mixture “taste” like?  What does it mean to be Adventist, to be part of the Adventist Church?

Andy Nash explores issues that Adventists grapple with collectively.  He ponders the reason young people are leaving the church.  He studies the backgrounds of various Bible passages.  He wonders how Jesus would do church, and challenges us to give up our dream—as part of living out the first commandment.

Male or female, young or old, rich or poor, vegan or omnivore, we’re in it together—haystacks.

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