Hal Lindsey’s Prophetic Jigsaw Puzzle: Five Predictions That Failed


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Hal Lindsey’s books on End-time prophecies are selling by the millions at the breathless rate usually associated with hamburgers. His jigsaw puzzle approach turns Biblical prophecies into a crystal ball through which he predicts with astonishing boldness the precise pattern of events which are to occur by the end of the 1980s–the time when the present history of this world is supposed to end.
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi analyses Lindsey’s prophetic jigsaw puzzle, exposing the fallacy of five specific predictions which failed to come to pass. His purpose, however, is not to merely to show that Lindsey’s predictions are fiction rather than fact. With sound scholarship he helps the reader understand the true nature and purpose of End-time prophecies.
This book has grown out of an article “Are We in a Countdown to Armageddon?” which has been published in over twenty English and foreign periodicals. The article won the Associated Church Press award for the category “Best Feature Article” published in religious magazines in 1986.
The book is written in a clear and simple style which the common person can understand. Rather than engaging the reader in a technical analysis of Lindsey’s arbitrary method of prophetic interpretation, Bacchiocchi has chosen to show with compelling clarity and logic, how time has already proved Lindsey’s prophetic jigsaw puzzle to be a fiction rather than fact. The book has been written with the earnest desire to help Christians find meaning and hope by looking for the coming of a personal Saviour, rather than for the occurrence of impersonal events.
Dr. Samuele Bacchiocchi is the first non Catholic to graduate from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He received a gold medal from Pope Paul VI for earning the academic distinction of summa cum laude. He earned degrees also in the USA and served as a missionary in Ethiopia.
He has authored several best sellers which have been favourably reviewed by many scholars. During the last few years he has conducted seminars in many parts of the world, helping thousands to better understand and experience spiritual realities.
Currently Dr. Bacchiocchi is professor of Theology and Church History and at Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan. He is married to Anna Gandin Bacchiocchi and they have three children- Loretta, Daniel, and Gianluca.

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