Grains of Wisdom: A Collection of Illustrated Proverbs


Grains of Wisdom – A Collection of Illustrated Proverbs by Belinda É. S.

“Never judge a book… “. Proverbs exist in every culture around the world; ‘Grains of Wisdom’ brings these to life through a delightful collection of ancient Biblical proverbs that have been creatively illustrated. They can generate stimulating adult conversation or capture the imagination and provide great entertainment for children and toddlers.

This highly creative packaging of ancient wisdom for the 21st century blends well-known proverbs from the past with exceptional colourful illustrations to create a unique and imaginative 48-page book that makes the perfect gift or addition to your collection.

Each illustration is carefully matched to the proverb, making it attractive and easy to follow for children, whilst also providing a great conversation-starter for the grown-up.

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