Gospel from Patmos


The Gospel From Patmos is unlike anything previously written on Revelation, the Bible’s last book. Jon Paulien draws from the Apocalypse practical, everyday insights for living. He says, “The big issues of the end-time arise from the little decisions we make each day, so live each day with the end in mind.”
In this devotional the focus is not on the signs of the end, or searching for the order of events in the last days of earth’s history. Occasionally the author examines ways of better understanding the prophetic teaching of the book. But the primary goal is to look for the “Revelation of Jesus Christ” in the kind of insight for daily living that can get saints ready for what is to come: Treating other people with kindness and caring concern, paying careful attention to Jesus’ words, striving by our actions to be more and more like Him each day, making the most of our talents, being all we can be each and every day, it is a “view from the heart”.

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