Giving Equation


It’s logical that if I give a certain amount of money, I have less money left to live on, right? That’s simple mathematics. But it’s also an equation that makes many people reluctant to give.

The Giving Equation provides a fresh way of thinking about stewardship, explaining two different mindsets towards our personal finances: the G-economy and the Me-economy. Far from causing us to lose out, giving has things to offer us that lead to an abundant life—now and for eternity.

“Ken Long’s insights into biblical stewardship are exciting, fresh, transformative and hope filled. The Giving Equation shows that we don’t need to clutch our wallets, afraid of what we might lose, because giving has a lot to offer us. Filled with practical examples and illustrations from the Bible, this book will inspire individuals and families to better understand the heart of the Giver—and to give joyfully themselves! The more households there are living out this transformed mindset, the more powerful the impact of the church will be.”—Christina Hawkins, Discipleship Ministries—Stewardship, South Pacific Division

Ken Long is a highly experienced business consultant, based in Sydney, Australia. He holds a Doctorate of Business Administration, along with qualifications in Law and Commerce. Ken is a stewardship champion and is passionate about helping people understand how generous giving benefits them.

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