Four Love Seasons


Spring: New Beginnings Age 20-35

Everything is new in nature, and so is our yearning to be loved and to love another. We rejoice in the newness of life and we seek love. Spring love, like the blue-bells or daffodils that poke their way up through the last snow, is optimistic.

Summer: Commitment Age 35-40

New love matures into stable love as vows are made in marriage. We make commitments to love in this season and then as we raise families, we live out those commitments. We take the plunge from new love to committed love in this season of life.

Autumn: Distractions Age 50-65

Leaves turn beautiful colors and then fall to the ground. A season of constant change as we return from summer holidays. The first flush of love has passed and mature adults look for meaning and purpose beyond their marriage and the of their now-adult children. This is the season to refocus priorities – in love and in life.

Winter: Devotion Age 65+

Just as penguins press together for warmth, we depend on our spouse for mutual support. Life has been shaped and changed through life’s pressures, so we learn to focus on what is truly important. We enjoy the last season of love and look forward to that day when all things are created new again.

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