Four Boys in the White House


This is the story of the four sons of Ellen and James White. One son died in infancy. Another died before becoming an adult. How did the Whites handle pressured parenting? What was life like in their home?
James Edson White, having been a printer and the manager of a publishing house, became the controversial Riverboat Evangelist on the Mississippi. ‘Edson was threatened by mobs of white people who said they would hang him if he continued his work. . . .’ Some who attended his evening meetings faced gunfire on their way home. When Ellen White visited Edson and his wife Emma on the ‘Morning Star’ they made plans for the development of a school in Alabama known as Oakwood College. When Ellen saw Edson’s work for the African Americans she exclaimed: ‘Angels of God look on with approval.’ Then there is the astonishing story of what God made of ‘Wilful Willie’…

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