Focus Magazine: COVID-19


This 31 page special edition of Focus addresses the topic of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Fear, threat, trust: the COVID-19 big three – Michael Pearson finds out how to counteract fear with trust.

The promise of renewal – Julian Thompson takes a look at the promise of renewal.

Working from home – How has working from home been for you? Lorance Johnson shares his story.

Staying well in difficult timesThe holistic story – Sharon Platt-McDonald shows us how to gain all-round health.

Staying well in difficult times – Resilient Relationships: how to help your marriage survive lockdown – Let you marriage thrive, following tips from Karen Holford.

Staying well in difficult times – The MELLOW way to mental health – Professor John C. Walton shows us how to be MELLOW.

COVID-19: an appreciation of creation – Has the pandemic increased our appreciation of creation, asks John Surridge.

The economics of eating healthily – Ana Thompson looks at how to eat healthily – on a budget!

And now for something completely different . . . – Helen Pearson asks whether we’ll return to normality – or maybe improve on it?

Out with the old – in with the new – Ian Sweeny shares some inspiring examples of personal renewal.

Change – Some major changes are examined by Adam Keough.

Poverty and economic justice in a post-pandemic world – Catherine Anthony Boldeau asks what economic justice looks like in a post-pandemic world.

The Government gets serious about nutrition and exercise – David Neal welcomes the Government’s push for exercise and proper nutrition.

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