Felt – Small Bible Set (6-inch Figures)


Key Features:

  • Incorporate easily into your existing curriculum or used on its own. 
  • Encourages children to interact with the Bible story.
  • Holds the attention of even the most active children .
  • Stories in felt will be remembered for a lifetime.
  • Durable felt will last for years to come! 


  • 600 figures and objects including men, women, children, animals, scenery items, indoor and outdoor objects and many more
  • 3 Felt Boards – Water & Sky, Indoor, Night-time Purple
  • 4 Felt Overlays – Shoreline, Desert, Hillside, Throne Room
  • Ready to cut and use

The contents of the Large and the Small Deluxe Sets are identical – the only difference is in their size. The Large Deluxe has 12″ figures with 32″ x 48″ felt board backgrounds and the Small Deluxe has 6.5″ figures with 16″ x 24″ backgrounds. 

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