Family Faith: Experiencing love, contagious joy, and Jesus at home

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The verdict is in. Relationships are in trouble. No one seems to know how to make them “work” anymore. And not that Christians are divorcing at a higher rate than non-Christians, we begin to wonder if the happy home is really possible or if it is – like unicorns and the tooth fairy – just a myth.

Karen and Ron Flowers still believe in the happy home and see Jesus as the glue that mends broken relationships. “Experiencing the good news for ourselves and in our families – that our joy may be full and that we may share it with others – is the purpose of this book.”

In this “owner’s manual” for households of faith, the Flowers’ explore the Scriptures to reveal God’s plan for marriage, family life, parenting, intimacy, love, passing a Person on to the next generation, and more. This is a call to a radically different approach to relationships with God and each other. If you’re up for it, your family may experience true miracles of love and grace that will ultimately flood your life with the one thing many today find so elusive – happiness.

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