Facing the Storm


There are times in our lives when we go through storms. These storms can either make us or break us. In my many years of ministry, I have seen how people have allowed their storms to cause irreparable damage in their lives. This does not need to happen to you! This book is designed to help you survive and thrive through your storms. It will help you not to cower away from life’s challenges or to deny them, but simply to face them. Facing your storm allows you to regain control of the circumstances in your life, rather than allowing the circumstances in your life to control you. Your life does not need to be defined by your hardships, and you do not have to live a defeated life. Despite what you may have faced, are facing right now, or will face in the future, you can have peace of mind, improved health and a continual flow of energy. In short, whatever you go through, your life can be full of joy and satisfaction.

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