Eyes of the Crocodile


This book is too good to be written by just one author.

So it includes stories and poems by juniors like you and contributions by Karl Haffner, Art and Pat Humphrey, Jane Chase, and Lawrence Maxwell. But most of it comes from the prolific pen of Charles Mills, who once got punched in the face for keeping the Sabbath.

Inside you’ll learn about things high and low, near and far, that will give you a handle on life. Each day of the week has a different flavor. For instance, Sunday is Gracelink day, relating to the Sabbath School lesson for that week. Monday is Let’s Go Retro, which features some of Guide’s greatest hits. On Sabbath you’ll learn more about the life of Jesus.

Like the guy you’ll meet in April who fell asleep in the tar and got stuck, this book draws you in. You may even find you can hardly wait to get up in the morning to read the devotional for that day. Really.

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