Experiencing the Joy: 42 Bible Talks


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We’ve all experienced communication breakdown – from simple phone service dropout to broken relationships because of cross-wired misunderstandings. When everything seems to be crashing down around you, how can you make sense out of senseless? Is there really a greater meaning and purpose out there? If life is more than surviving, how can you keep swimming upstream in a downstream world? Where is God?

Having trouble finding answers?

Jam-packed full of Bible discussions, prayers and meditations, Experiencing the Joy takes you on a journey through the Bible, revealing ancient principles that, if accepted and applied, have the power to immensely improve the quality of your daily living and enable you to a richer, fuller, more meaningful life and experience genuine joy.

Sixteen authors have delicately unpacked ancient biblical values and made them more approachable and more understandable for twenty-first-century readers through sharing their own research, thoughts, insights and experiences.

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