Ending the Pain


“Letting your sinful nature [Satan] control your mind leads

to death. But letting the spirit control your mind

leads to life and peace” (Rom. 8:6, NLT).

Nineteen-year-old Lindsey found herself at a Bible retreat desperate to hear something- anything- that would make her want to live. As the music played and the speaker claimed they could all be “free in Christ, right here, right now,” Lindsey silently screamed, How? How can I be free in Christ right now, when all my life I’ve heard that answer at church, and it hasn’t fixed me yet?

She left.  

Headed to the computer lab on campus.

And sat down to write her suicide note.

In Ending the Pain, Lindsey Gendke examines some of the tough questions most of us don’t ask out loud. She addresses the lies that are whispered and believed by too many hearts and minds, by good Christians, in good Christian homes.  

Ending the Pain is the compelling account of a young woman’s journey from desperation to hope. It traces how she moved away from the destructive lies that crippled her faith toward the only Truth that could set her free. Lindsey’s story will resonate with anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed, discouraged, or tired of playing church.

The chances are high you already know someone facing this same struggle.

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