End Time People


‘The end of all things is at hand,’ intones Peter (1 Peter 4:7).

The end of all things? Then what is our plan of action? What preparations must we make? What must we do?

Wait. Peter goes on to say, ‘Since everything will be destroyed in this way, what kind of people ought you to be?’ (Second Peter 3:11, NIV.) Maybe the important thing is not so
much what we do as who we are. What do End Time people look like? What do they believe? In whom do they trust? And what is the source of their hope?

Dr Bryan Ball, evangelist, author and minister of the Gospel with many decades of experience, answers all these questions and more by taking us on a journey through the letters of the apostle Peter, a church leader dedicated to caring for his flock.

Take a look inside to discover who End Time people really are.

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By Victor Pilmoor

“It is well written, as one might expect from Bryan Ball. The book is a commentary on the books of St Peter, and it is good and easy to read. The effort to balance the obsession with the end times, perfection, and what is expected of end-time people is welcome. Ball leans on his library of the 1950s and ’60s and relies mostly on evangelicals such as Stott, Lewis etc. In this sense the language is quaint. There are not many SDA references other than one or two Desire of Ages quotes, which are valid in themselves.

The book responds to the decadence published in the Mirror or Sun every day with the contra-position of how Christians/end-time people behave. Character development is still a biggy, and this book could be used for group study.”

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