Ellen White’s Afterlife


Prophet or Plagiarist?

This is one of the most serious questions ever raised about Ellen White.

Ellen White’s Afterlife examines:

  • The delightful fictions about her in the 1960s
  • The troubling facts uncovered in the 1970s
  • The enlightening research of the 1980s and beyond

Included is a treasure trove of crucial documents in the journey:

  • Minutes of the Walter Rea investigative committee on Ellen White’s use of sources
  • Veltman’s summary of his 8-year analysis of the sources used in The Desire of Ages
  • The White Estate’s reaction to the Veltman study
  • Minutes of the 1919 Bible Conference
  • W. C. White’s understanding of his mother’s inspiration and use of documents
  • Overview of Donald McAdam’s pioneering work on Ellen White’s use of documents

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