Ellen White: Friend of Angels


‘Who Was Ellen White really?

‘Satan is your destroyer, but I am your restorer.’

That is what the angel who stood at the foot of Ellen White’s sickbed told her the night of November 3, 1890. It would not be the last time angelic visitors would come to Ellen’s aid.

Who Was Ellen White really?

Prophetess? Visionary? Fearless defender of the Advent faith? Reformer? Prolific writer? Preacher? Yes. She was all these things.

But that’s where most of our knowledge stops.

In Ellen White: Friend of Angels, author and historian Paul Ricchiuti presents Ellen White as a real human being-one who got sick, had pain, cried, laughed, and had close friends and bitter enemies. Yet she was loving, kind, thoughtful, and dedicated to her work. Instead of concentrating on what Ellen White did, Ricchiuti seeks to show us who she was. Drawing from little-know stories about her adventures, travels, and relationships, the personality and character of this truly amazing woman emerges with warmth and humour.

‘It is my hope,’ says Ricchiuti, ‘that we will relate to her today as a friend, knowing that God can use people like us to do His will.’

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