Divine Rest for Human Restlessness

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This book is another great masterpiece of Sabbath literature. The book is not polemical. It is a practical presentation of how the Sabbath day of rest, worship and service can provide a divine remedy to some of the pressing human problems of today. It deals with the meaning and message of the Sabbath for Christians in today’s world. The author’s aim is to show how various meanings of the Sabbath so thoroughly examined, ultimately enable Christ to bring rest, joy and peace into our lives. All seven chapters are like priceless gems. They shine with peerless beauty and purpose. They hold the reader’s interest. They follow in succession like an architect drawing a seven-story building – each fitting in and each closely related to the other. The last chapter is a summary of all six preceding chapters. It presents seven ways the Sabbath enables the Lord to bring rest, joy and peace into our lives. The sevenfold blessing belongs to all who keep their chose Sabbath in spirit and truth.

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