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“I’m just a boring person.”
Ever felt that way? Well, I did too-until I met Jesus. Hi. I’m John. My life was the lake. Fish were my future. But one day, when I was just a teenager, Jesus tapped me on the shoulder. “Follow Me,” He said. I left the boats behind and watched Jesus heal the sick, raise the dead, turn water to wine, feed the hungry, calm storms, and transform trashed lives. He made me somebody. Here’s my story.
Author Ray Minner likes teenagers. He has stood in the hallway and watched many two-minute adolescent dramas of comedy, romance, and tragedy. He sees students trudging from class to class, day after day, feeling inadequate. Physically unattractive. Dumb. Unpopular. Wanting to be “cool.” Floating downstream like driftwood at the mercy of past choices, swept from rapid to rapid by the tide of peer influence, floundering on the shoals of adolescence.
His daughter Karen died at 24. So he understands things like death. Self-esteem. Relationships. Talents. Procrastination. Parents. Money. Making friends. Finding God’s will. Other stuff.

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