Deuteronomy – The Book of Love


The book of Deuteronomy belongs with the most significant literature in the Hebrew Scriptures because it systematically shapes and articulates the faith of God’s people in a living God. It is a literary masterpiece, a jewel, and the Magna Carta of Israel’s teaching. This well organized manual of faith is the religious constitution for God’s people, climaxing the Pentateuch and crowning the Torah with a comprehensive overview of the divine law of God.
In Deuteronomy: The Book of Love, by Dr. Jiří Moskala, you will
  • Learn to recognize streams of thinking through history,
  • See the Lord as humanity’s personal God,
  • Examine the literary form of a covenant,
  • Explore the relationship between fear and love, and
  • Delve into the bond between the Sabbath and social justice and so much more.
Through this beautiful book of love, discover God’s passion for His people, and learn how to love, admire, obey, worship, serve, fear, and follow the Lord out of gratitude for who He is, what He has done, is doing, and will do.

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