Detective Zack: 2 in 1 – Noah’s Flood / Thunder Mountain


The Secret of Noah’s Flood

Zack couldn’t believe his ears. His best friend Bobby was actually trying to tell him that Noah’s flood never really happened-that the stories in the Bible were just fairy tales! Could Bobby be right? When Zack’s dad plans a trip to Utah for a special class about the Flood, “Detective Zack” is born

With trusty notebook and explorer’s hat, Zack begins a wonder-filled journey with his family in their minivan to enormous caves where trickles of water form long, pointy rocks; riverbeds where dinosaurs left huge footprints; and to mountaintops were seashells are stuck in the rocks!

The Mystery at Thunder Mountain

When things in the Cherokee cabin start disappearing, Zack and his friends at Thunder Mountain Camp know exactly whom to blame. Those “tough” kids in the Mohawk cabin are just the kind to steal anything. Zack and his sister Kayla set trap after trap to catch them, but nothing works. But something unexpected happens, and Zack learns that people who believe in the Bible really are different.

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