Detective Zack: 2 in 1 – Missing Manger / Dinosaur Camp


The Missing Manger Mystery

Take a church Christmas program, add an outdoor Nativity scene, real animals, a mysterious fire, and a missing antique manger—mix them together, and what do you have? One of the funniest and most memorable Detective Zack adventures yet! As Detective Zack and his friend Luke hunt for the culprit, they begin finding evidence for an even greater mystery—Santa Claus. Where did he come from, and what do trees, stockings, and presents have to do with the birth of Jesus?

Danger at Dinosaur Camp

The large footprints in the canyon, reports of a long-necked creature, loud creepy noises at night—it can’t really be a live dinosaur, can it? Danger at Dinosaur Camp brings Zack and his family to Dinosaur National Monument, where dinosaur bones and fossils of many kinds are found. There, Dr. Bones, a paleontologist who believes in God, will try to help Zack find answers to the mystery of the dinosaurs.

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