Detective Zack: 2 in 1 – Darmoor Manor / Blackloch Castle


Trapped in Darkmoor Manor

On a trip to London, England, Zack and his old friend, Stef, try to figure out what happened to the manager of Darkmoor Manor museum. Was she kidnapped or did she take the money and run? Stef is sure that the manager is in danger, and Zack is sure he’s got a mystery to solve about the Bible. How do we know that what’s in our Bibles today is what God wanted to say?

Secret of Blackloch Castle

On a trip to visit his mother’s family in Scotland, Zack and Stef find a castle full of mysteries. Soon, they’re searching for a secret passage, a hidden door, or anything that will lead them to the treasure hidden in Blackloch Castle. And Zack finds himself looking for answers about the Bible. How did we get the Bibles we have today? Are we sure the stories we read in English are the same ones written at the beginning?

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