Decisive Encounters


Life is a journey, full of surprises, emotions, possibilities, and encounters. Some of these encounters-whether sought or unexpected-can change the trajectory of our lives. They are decisive encounters. How paramount it is to have an encounter with someone who will be our friend, with whom will be our partner, with people who influence our development and the shaping of our character, among others. However, of all encounters, the most important one is the encounter with Jesus. Throughout history, many people have met Him, and it has been a turning point in their lives.

Jesus did not leave anyone unmoved. All the encounters with Him were decisive. In this book, Dr Roberto Badenas talks about these encounters as well as their distinct nuances recorded in Scriptures. He conveys to us—vividly and profoundly—the experiences of people whose lives were changed by Jesus, which gives us the desire to experience the same.

The story of one decisive encounter is still missing: yours with Jesus. And that one is to be written by you.

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