Day That Changed the World


George Sleigh, on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center, looked up just in time to see the Boeing 767 explode into the building right above him. Crawling out from under the rubble, Sleigh looked up at the exposed beams of the 92nd floor. What he didn’t know then was that his concrete ceiling was the floor of a giant tomb for more than 1,300 people. Not a single person survived on any of the floors above him. All of those on the 92nd floor died, and everyone on the 91st floor lived.

Why? Jon Paulien, who grew up in New York City and travels in the Middle East, shares the harrowing stories of victims and survivors of September 11, 2001. What, he asks, are the aims and grievances of Islamic terrorism? Does the Koran itself, or the Bible, contain the seeds of violence? What about the Crusades? Would the world be safer without religion?

Wrestling with the problem of evil, the author tells how he discovered a new God who was more interested in making friends than in finding fault. A God who enabled him to overcome defence mechanisms and to be real, the same inside and out. A God who gave him strength to win his personal jihad against the evil within. September 11 changed the world. But not as much as a certain Friday in Jerusalem. Discover how that day forever transforms the meaning of undeserved suffering, empowering us to achieve genuine authenticity and enjoy deep relationships with others.

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