Creation Health – Life Guide Series


The CREATION Health Life Guide Series takes a deep dive into CREATION Health, a faith-based health and wellness program based on the Bible’s Creation story.

The word CREATION in CREATION Health is comprised of the first letters of: Choice, Rest, Environment, Activity, Trust, Interpersonal, Outlook, and Nutrition. Each Life Guide focuses on one letter of the CREATION Health acronym and translates the fundamental concepts into easy-to-follow steps. The guides include questions designed to help individuals or small groups plumb the depths of every principle and learn strategies for integrating them into everyday life.

Individual readers and group participants will discover that embracing the CREATION Health prescription can help restore health, happiness, balance, and joy to life. The CREATION Health lifestyle has a long, proven history of wellness and longevity worldwide. People just like you are making a few simple changes in their lives and living longer, fuller lives. They are getting healthy and are able to do the things they love, well into their later years. Now is the time to join them by learning about healthier living and then turning what you learn into a healthier lifestyle.

  • CREATION Health Life Guide series reading order
  • Creating Healthy Habits for Life Part 1 #1
  • Rest At Its Best #2
  • You Were Made For a Garden #3
  • Activity Supercharges Your Life #4
  • Trusting God for Renewed Life #5
  • Creating Outstanding Relationships #6
  • Creating Healthy Habits for Life Part 2 #7
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