Could it Really Happen?


“In today’s media-saturated, instant-gratification culture, it is rare for a writer to provide the kind of depth and historical perspective that Marvin Moore brings to the subject of prophecy. Moore combines his lifelong study of prophecy, history, and current events to give an insightful glimpse into the erosion of constitutional and religious principles that will result in the culmination of the final events before the coming of Christ.”

Alan J. Reinach, Esq., director, Public Affairs & Religious Liberty
Pacific Union Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

From the beginning of our movement, we have held the strong conviction that God has called us to warn the world of what lies ahead. But what if our prophetic understanding is wrong? On the other hand, if it is correct, don’t we have an enormous responsibility to tell the world what we believe?

Marvin Moore has written a must-read book for all Seventh-day Adventists. In this carefully documented work, you’ll see the bigger picture of how we have come to where we are now and be more convinced of the probability of the soon fulfilment of end-time prophecies recorded in Revelation 13.

“Adventists look to prophecy to explain the present. It seems to me that while much of the world is in confusion post 9/11, Adventists have prophetic reasons to see it all coming together. More particularly, Revelation chapter 13 speaks powerfully of the morphing of the lamblike beast into something more aggressive. We need to review this “present truth” and be very clear on the issues at play. This book is—how else can I say it—exciting.”

Lincoln Steed, editor, Liberty magazine.

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