Connected: Devotional Readings for an Intimate Marriage


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Imagine if you could take your marriage up to the next level. What if it were possible to go from a relationship that survives to one that thrives? What if there were a way to strengthen your commitment to each other? What if better communication could create greater trust? And, best of all, what if grace could help you see the best in your spouse?

In Connected: Devotions for an intimate marriage, Dr Willie and Dr Elaine Oliver share over 35 years of marriage experience, growing together, learning from each other, and rearing children. They know how to make the ‘what ifs’ become reality.

With 52 devotional reflections, there’s a thought for each week of the year, specifically designed to help couples to pause (reflect on the ideas shared), pray (about the ideas shared and how they relate to their experience) and then choose (determine to experience change together). Discover more within!


Cheating the Church: An Interview with Victor Pilmoor | Adventist Today

By Victor Pilmoor

Connected is a freshly designed devotional journal for loving couples. It is written by Willie and Elaine Oliver, Family Life ministers of the General Conference,  organised into 52 readings.

I’m one of those ‘blokes’ who cringes when confronted with ‘touch feely topics’. So how did I cope?

Mercifully, every reading is short and brisk, directed toward relationship building and values that make for a wholesome marriage. There is no direct discussion of physical intimacy which might be a disappointment for those looking for a Christian approach in these matters. The focus is on the marriage of friends, equal partners in love and beyond the parental context.

The language is straight forward other than occasional extravagant outburst, which reflects the cultural style of the authors.

The text is well set out and easily absorbed. Best value will be experienced by those who engage in the conversation starters at the end of each chapter.

The approach is overtly Christian though alienating for spouses who do not claim faith or understand religious patter. Still, the basics hold true.

So yes, a weekly refresher for our primary relationship. It is a book to embrace and a gift to share.

I confess, it’s cringe free!

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