Condensed Conflict of the Ages Series (5 Volume Set)


This five-volume Conflict of the Ages series has been adapted and updated by the White Estate, bringing the clear messages of Patriarchs and Prophets (Beginning of the End) Prophets and Kings (Royalty and Ruin), The Desire of Ages (Humble Hero), The Acts of the Apostles (Unlikely Leaders), and The Great Controversy (Love Under Fire) to a new generation of readers. These volumes include all the stories and major applications of the original books; however, some modern words, expressions, and sentence constructions have been substituted for clarity and ease of reading for twenty-first century readers. biblical texts, unless otherwise noted, are taken from the New King James Version. But the books in this set are not paraphrases. Care has been taken to follow the original, sentence by sentence. It is hoped that many will experience the life-changing power of these books and their presentation of great Bible themes.

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