Comfort for the Day: Living Through the Seasons of Grief


Your heart is crushed. Finding it even difficult to breathe, you wake up to the reality that someone you treasure is gone. Death has stolen your loved one from your arms. Now the seemingly insurmountable difficult work of living through grief begins. Is there anything that can soothe this overwhelming ache? Is there a safe place for the anger? Will depression become a constant companion? Does the painful malaise last forever? How can I just get through the day?

Comfort for the Day offers a personalized grief recovery experience, drawn from the source of all comfort God. His Word will become a guide and friend as the reader lives through the confusing and painful seasons of grief.

Comfort for the Day is what each grieving heart longs for. Used either as a gift for the bereave d or for your own personal needs, Comfort for the Day brings real help for really hurting people.

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